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Micro in precision.

Macro in process.

Mega in partnership.

Customers in Hightech, Aerospace and Automotive rely on us for our scalable and endlessly error-free production, assembly and finishing of their precision parts. For the past 35 years we mastered and transformed high and low volume machining into an unmanned, 24/7 production process with guaranteed quality standards.

Partnership: proven

Historically built to scale and expand. Our people have and grow their experience and knowledge of your industry, business model, and jargon – we communicate with your teams at every level, in their language. Due to our setup, we continuously offer capacity and can quickly scale up and down to evolve with your production needs.

Process: perfectioned

Endlessly order the exact amount you need. After the one-time prep-phase your product can be produced automated and immediately. Our Tower Technologytm brings the flexibility to produce single pieces to large runs, mixing products and quickly alternating high- and low-volume. All done 24/7 and fully unmanned for maximum autonomy.

Precision: paramount

Quality Always production: repeat exactly, even for high-precision, complex or critical parts. In-house engineering, assembly and cleaning for maximum control and quality. Our 35 years of experience in and strong network with various methods, materials and finishings ensures smooth and stress-free deliverability of your products.

Our use cases

Let's grow together

You need production capacity that is easily scalable and adaptable up and down in the future. Your organisation has huge expansion goals and relies on your skills in procurement. That means you need a machining partner to rely on deliverability, quality and adaptability. What you certainly don’t need, is bottlenecks in your supply chain or production process We got this covered.

Critical parts, just like that

You need documented and certified quality and a partner who understands your needs and the requirements of the market. VOVU is certified according to AS 9100 and understands fully what Aerospace requirements mean. Our international Aerospace customers know they can trust the ‘quality-always’ capabilities for their critical parts


You need a hassle- and stress-free production process with people who do what they say and say what they do. Your production and assembly lines rely on just in time delivery of products. VOVU adapts the supply chain to match your needs and ensures you can focus on your core business. We’re here to help.

Our process

  • Preparation
    Our NPI-team prepares the production of your high-tech product; no matter how complex or critical the product and/or its finishing. The clamping device for your part is developed and engineered in-house, giving us full control over planning and availability.
  • Programming
    After the preparation is done, it takes only days to program our systems and machines. We run a first, fully functional proto series. After the FAI your production series is standby and can run infinitely.
  • Produce
    With your product series prepped, we have the capacity to quickly produce your product in high or low volume, 24/7 and with no intervention of people. We easily scale up and down, responding to your business and operational needs.